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Through the drawing, the student will acquire the ability to synthesize the information of a three-dimensional object in order to translate it reliably on a two-dimensional surface. It will also develop analysis, observation and good use of the material. They will start with plaster cast exercises and then copies of still lifes will be generated.


-Sight size:

Measurement method where the object to be drawn or painted is placed adjacent to the drawing / painting support, and the student seeks to accurately report the object in the way in which it is observed from a defined fixed point. The student must take all measurements, observations and decisions from the point they have selected, always with the same posture, arm extension and height to avoid changing the perception of the object.


Drawing technique that uses only straight lines to first capture the outline of the object to be drawn and later the silhouette of the shadows inside and outside the object. This technique is used only at the beginning of the drawing process to help the student simplify what he must portray.

diagrama diplomado pintura al óleo I.jpg
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