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The academic program designed by ARAM seeks to recapitulate several of the lessons learned by humanity in the visual arts from the Renaissance through the 19th century and adapt them to modern education in ways that meet the art standards used at that time and the needs of the modern classroom.


The offered study program is a comprehensive part-time professional drawing, painting and sculpture plan lasting 3 to 5 years. The program is divided into 7 subjects and a final project during nine trimesters. Each term consists of 6 subjects of 2 to 4 units each, giving a total of 20 units per term. The student will have to take a minimum of 12 units per quarter.

Programas: Programas

Dibujo Clásico

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Pintura al Óleo II


Lenguaje Pictórico del Arte Realista I y II

Pintura al Óleo I


Historia del Arte Online

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