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Human figure

César Meza was born in León, Mexico, in 1988. Even as a child, he became interested in the world and the human experience through representation in painting and drawing.


He began his formal training at the prestigious University of Guanajuato and graduated four years later with a degree in visual arts, while also completing a technical preparation in conservation and restoration of personal property.


Perfecting its precision and attention to detail, among its many projects was the restoration of ten eighteenth-century paintings of the Temple of San Juan de Sahagún Salamanca, conservation and restoration of the heritage of the Museum of Art and History of the state of Guanajuato, restoration of sculptures of Antimony and steel from the 19th century, in addition to the preservation of the bell tower, pieces dating from the 17th century belonging to the basilica of the state capital, among many other projects. One of the most recent is the preservation of a fragment of a fresco from Pompeii from the 4th century AD (private collection, NY)


He has lived his professional life dedicated to aesthetics and excellence within classical art, constantly changing his understanding of life in this world seeking a naturalistic representation of the human figure in modern times. He is a poet in search of the deep voice of beauty and vulnerability that surrounds him.

Cesar recently moved to New York City, where he has continued his formal education at the Grand Central Atelier. The academy is a collaborative work space for the study and practice of drawing, painting and sculpture. At the same time, he has received partial merit scholarships in the past, and in turn received the highest honor scholarship for Grand Central Atelier, being the first international student to obtain it.

You can follow the artist on display at Central Park Fine Arts, New York City, NY and on social media.

César Meza: Galería
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