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Admisiones: Admisiones

Admission process

The program lasts from 3 years to a maximum of 5 years scheduled on Monday to Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. with the option of extended practice hours. The lenght of the program may vary depending on the performance of each student and the completion of the total credits of the study program.
ARAM students do not require previous experience, however, it is necessary to submit a motive letter and if available a Portfolio for admission. The groups will be formed with the aim of having a group well complemented by the profile demonstrated by each student, in order to make the learning process at the Academy even more enriching. The age of the students ranges from 15 years onwards. 

How can you become our student?

1. Make the payment for the enrollment fee (non-refundable) within the dates stipulated in the calendar.

2. Deliver motive letter and portfolio if you have previous experience.


3. Admissions will be confirmed to the selected students on the dates marked on the calendar and the student will have to make the quarter payment on time to secure their place.

Admisiones: Bienvenida

Tuition and fees

Annual enrollment fee:         $ 3,000 MXN


Full trimester

5 Blocks (20 credits):             $ 36,000 MXN


Minimum credits per trimester

3 Blocks (12 credits):              $ 21,600 MXN



Payment is in a single exhibition per trimester prior to the start of lessons, the deadline is pointed in the calendar.

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